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About Us

Education that Echoes the Gospel

Thank you for choosing Cornerstone Community Schoolhouse, where students will receive a biblical world view of learning through classical education (how to order things rightly and judge them well) as well as learn life skills. Classical Education teaches students wisdom and virtue in order train our ears to hear echoes of the gospel in Literature, Math, Science, History, and Geography to God's Word. We will be teaching the classical core subjects using Memoria Press curriculum. Please go to for more information regarding this curriculum. ​Classical Education is, in other words, a traditional education. It includes the three stages of development in the Trivium, which is Latin for, "where three paths meet". The first stage of development is the grammar stage which is the foundational stage of learning which includes memorization, recitation, and repetition. Children between the ages of birth to 12 are naturally good at.
Then comes the dialectic or "logic" stage, which consists of children who are generally between the ages12-15. In this stage, students are learning to think critically and logically, through asking clarifying questions to make sense of what they have learned up to this point. ​The rhetoric stage is typically students 15-18. At this stage, students beginning to form their own ideas and share the knowledge that they have learned in the previous stages.​Cornerstone Community was created to meet the needs of families in our community who are not sure about homeschooling and need extra support or they are looking outside of public schools for their children's needs. Currently, Cornerstone Community Schoolhouse is only accepting students in the grammar stage. However, as we grow, we hope to add on the dialectic and rhetoric stages.  With an ever-changing society, our intention is to provide an environment where students learn God's word, listen to how to apply it to the world around them through literature, and live their lives with the truth in their hearts and minds. 

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